SlopePro 12-Point Forensic Roof Inspection

We give you the most in-depth roof inspection in the industry. Starting in your attic, we will examine the construction of your roof deck to identify any potential woodwork or problem areas. Then, we physically inspect and measure your roof to help us provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate.

Whether you’re looking to replace your roof or need roof repairs and maintenance, SlopePro is a professional roofing contractor in Central Virginia you can trust.

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Essential Roof Inspection

  • Satellite measurements
  • Ground-level inspection
  • In-person consultation
  • Written estimate

Premium Roof Inspection

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6/8 and its

  • 12-Point Forensic Inspection, including:
    • Roofing Layers
    • Insulation
    • Roof Deck
    • Ventilation
    • Critical Repairs
    • Leaks
    • Improper Installation
    • Watershed
    • Age
    • Hail or Wind Damage
    • Expected Life Service
    • Popping Out
  • In-person consultation
  • Written estimate

Professional Roof Inspection

  • 12-Point Forensic Inspection
  • 6-Page certified roof analysis report with photo documentation
  • Recommended for real estate transactions
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