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About us


With an ever-dynamic roofing industry, SlopePro sits high atop the market as a leading, credible roofing company, giving you the truth about your roof. Guaranteed.

“I cannot say enough about the team at SlopePro! They were professional, timely, knowledgeable, kind, but most importantly HONEST. The guys that came to inspect my roof provided me with a detailed report of my roof, and saved me thousands of dollars. Before you do ANYTHING to your roof, call SlopePro!!!!” -Nick Walton

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About us


SlopePro is a third-generation roofing company. We’re family-owned and operated. Our talented teams have worked for some of the largest roofing companies in the industry. But there’s a lot more. We’re family and business partners. We love our industry. Most importantly, we’re committed to helping you make better roofing investment decisions.   Click here to see recent testimonials.


Our goal, with every roof, is to “tell you the truth about your roof”. That is exactly what sets us apart. Clear communication. We stake our reputation on this promise.

We promise to:

  1. Identify any and all problems with your roof along with visual/electronic recordings.
  2. We get to know you and listen to what you want. Something different? A roof that delivers energy savings? A roof that is visually stunning? Or the best roof for your budget?
  3. Then, we will provide you with a “worst case scenario” estimate. Itemized. Priced. With a realistic timeline. The goal of our SlopePro Estimate is to ensure that you will have NO surprises, NO add-ons, and NO hidden costs – annoyances that tend to plague our industry.
  4. We also provide you with – at no additional cost – a Lifetime Transferable Guarantee*, when we install a complete new roof for you. SlopePro is the only roofing professional in VA, MD, NC to offer a LTG.


When we launched SlopePro, our goal was to transform the way home owners make roofing investment decisions.

            ==> We know that reacting to a sudden weather event, and the accompanying pressure insurance companies put on you to quickly fix roof damage, can lead to very costly, and sometimes poorly installed roofs.

             ==> We’ve seen the frustration homeowners have with estimates that don’t hold up.

          ==> We’ve helped calm homeowners who realize  – after they’ve closed on their new home – that the lack of a thorough roof inspection has left them facing unidentified problems with their roof.

We believe that smart decisions of any kind begin with good communication and accurate information.

We will make sure all your questions and concerns are answered.

We take time to make sure your inspection and your estimate are transparent.

Top Notch Service

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About us

Our History

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The Truth About Your Roof. (What that really means!)


We give you the most in-depth inspection in the industry. Starting in your attic, we will examine the construction of your roof deck to identify any potential woodwork or problem areas. Then, we physically inspect and measure your roof to help us provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate.


Our no-haggle price. Fully transparent, no smoke and mirrors, no unnecessary up-sells, no obligation. This quote will not only be competitive but will be clear and detailed.


Based on the findings from your in-depth roof inspection we give you a customized scope of work that can be used to compare other quotes and ensure you are getting exactly what you need; nothing more, nothing less!

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Meet Our Team!


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“Nothing short of impeccable...”

My experience was nothing short of impeccable. I got the service I needed with a great deal of professionalism and commitment. The process went smoother than I could have imagined."
Tony H.

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our audience.